Welcome to IJP School!  My name is Colleen Dunne and this is a calendar/link site for my Fifth Grade classroom.  If you have any questions or need to contact me, please email me at: cdunne@ijpschool.org. 

Class News

Tests:/Quizzes (October 16-20)



English: Quiz on Simple and Compound Sentences: Thursday, October 19th.


Religion- Test on An Offering to the Holy Child- students will write out pray on Friday, October 20th




Spelling: Lesson 8 (Words with VCCV) Pretest, Monday October 16. Final Test: Friday, October 20

Words: 1) entire 2) hospital, 3) public 4) combine 5) golden, 6) chimney 7) pretzel, 8) survive, 9) absorb, 10)turnmoil 11) wisdom, 12) journey13) condition, 14) whisper, 15) identify 16) establish, 17) furnace, 18) capture 19) marvelous, 20) nursery

Math: Chapter 2 Test Friday 10/20




There is now a tab for study guides and book reports on this website. Thanks!!