TRIP 2017-18 Dates

TRIP 2018 dates

Monday January 22nd

Monday February 5th

Monday February 26th

Monday March 5th

Monday March 19th

Monday April 9th

Monday April 23rd

Monday May 7th

Monday May 21st


*Please have orders in by 9:30am-late orders will not be accepted


IJP TRIP:  How to start saving!

  • Go to and set up your family’s account. Use our IJP organization number to register (8BE286F29433).
  • Print out your receipt and send in with cash or check.  Presto Pay is a great option!  No check turn in necessary!!  Only online orders will be accepted.
  • Your orders are due on the specified date, no later than 9:30 am.  See side bar for due dates. LATE ORDERS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED, THEY WILL BE HELD UNTIL THE FOLLOWING ORDER DATE.
  • We will send your certificates back to you in the manner which you indicated on your registration form (either with your child or by pickup in the office). Certificates will be distributed when they are received by Fed Ex and separated, generally the Friday of the due date.


Happy shopping!

Sara Cogswell 

708-932-9076 (text please)





Aurelio’s $10, $25, $50

Fifth Quarter $10

Jonathan Kane $25, $100

Flossmoor Station $20

Marc Alan $20, $100

Walt's $100.00